About Annie

Like a brilliant diamond, Annie has many facets. She is a mother to three beautiful children and two rather lively dachshunds, as well as a grandmother to three delightful imps who are growing up way too quickly for her liking! 


Annie lives in Geraldton after moving from Perth 18 months ago. She’s happiest when she is by the sea. It soothes her and is her muse. As well, there are plenty of beach-side cafes where she can sip a coffee or two while she writes.


In between writing, Annie still teaches students with special needs at a local school two days a week. Eventually, she will retire and focus on her writing and other hobbies full-time.

Annie Chandler-Cummings

In her sixtieth year Annie self-published her first book, A Daisy in the Field, followed by A Lily in the Valley, A Rose in the Garden and A Poppy in the Meadow in the next three years.

In between, Sixty & Sassy: Aging Disgracefully,bounced into print; her humorous look at reaching that milestone, and her first foray into non-fiction writing.  She hopes to follow that with a book, probably titled Fifty and Flirty: Fishing from a Shallow Pond about her escapades of online dating!



In 2025, Annie is looking forward to creating some writing groups, Rambling Writers, in person and online, as well as offering writing workshops, Ramblings and Other Things, for adults who think they would like to dabble in this art. 

There will also be a course for the younger generation (8-15 year olds) who would like to put pen to paper (or, most probably, use a computer) to stretch their imaginations. 


Follow Annie as she attempts to put her often crazy thoughts and opinions into some resemblance of structure! 


Whatever she is doing, Annie thinks all her roles in life are important but, at various times, one may hold greater priority than the others as life turns in new directions.  It is all a huge learning curve; however, she believes she is never too old to learn something new, even if she struggles with the technology of it all!