2020… won!

2020… won!

This seems to be the catchphrase doing the rounds these last few days on social media.  And I honestly think whoever thought it up, nailed it on the head, as the saying goes!  There was not much good about last year, quite frankly.  For some it was worse than others, though I don’t think anyone escaped its deadly claws and wasn’t impacted in some way.  So, most of us are extremely excited for a new year to begin.  P-i-C and I were determined to stay up till midnight.  Not so much to welcome the new year in; rather to kick 2020 out of the ballpark to where it can never be found!  A new year brings in fresh hope and a time to reset ourselves and what we want from life.  It revitalises our energy.  If we all try to step forward to bring positive change, we may just be successful… together.

The best thing to do is start the new year in an optimistic way.  Look to the future as you live in the present.  Keep in mind the lessons learned from the past, but don’t wallow in the negatives and bring them with you into the here and now.  I know, it’s easier said than done, especially if there’s some unfinished business that needs your attention.  Maybe see it as a chance to look at the situation in a different light.  Or you could ask for help and lean on someone for a bit as it mightn’t be as bleak as you think it is.  Another option is to take a breather from it for a while… if you’re able to.  Sometimes things look better when you come back to them.  Don’t mistake me for one of those spiritual people who live on mung beans and seem to have little perception of real life.  And I don’t really mean that in a condescending way.  Well, maybe a little, sort of.  Oh dear… one of my New Year resolutions was to be less caustic and more open to the views of others.  Seems I’ve failed in the first twenty-four hours.  My bad!!  I wonder if I’ll do better with the others?

The second is to write a minimum of a thousand words daily.  And I don’t mean any old rubbish just to get the word count up.  I mean good writing, writing I’m proud of.  Something I’ve written and edited, changed as required, and re-edited until it’s a polished diamond.  Or, at least, until it’s my diamond and polished to my liking.  The clarity may be a bit misty and the cut not worthy to be included in the royal jewels, but it’ll be my best effort.  Today I’ll finish this blog and post it online.  As I usually aim for between 800-1000 words in my blogs, I’ll be well on the way.  And I’ve already written some great notes for the book I’m currently writing, so I’m giving myself a tick for day one.  Three hundred and sixty-four to go.  Thank God it’s not a leap year!

Another resolution is to make a living from something other than teaching.  Hopefully that means through some form of writing.  I’m enrolled to do a Proofreading and Editing course, so I pray that will contribute to my coffers.  I’d hate to think I couldn’t afford my daily coffee.  I’d never get through my writing goal if that were the case, and my second resolution would be well and truly on its way down the gurgler!  I’m sure as my savings dwindle, I’ll be spurred on to do more than my best.  And I know you generally need to spend some money to make some, so I’m going all out on the publicity trail… once I know which way to go and who can help me!  Looks like I have some more homework to do first!  Do I get some kudos for thinking about making a plan to do this? And can I step on the first rung of the ladder to achieving this resolution?  What’s the saying… baby steps?

My last aim is to walk every day.  And I don’t mean around the house or when I go shopping and things like that.  I want to walk for enjoyment, preferably down the beach with P-i-C and Missy.  It’s a 2½ kilometre round trip which is a great start.  If we drive and walk up and down the designated dog area, then it’s a minimum of 5000 steps; half of my daily goal.  If you see me out walking very quickly before the clock strikes the witching hour, you’ll know I’ve been busy attempting to tick off the writing goal and forgotten about this one.  I’m really not great juggling too many balls at once; I tend to drop them all with a big SPLAT!

So, I’m going to do what Monty Python advocated and always look on the bright side of life.  And I have someone local who can help me.  Annmarie Lord is a well-respected West Australian psychic and medium.  Fortuitously I received her New Year newsletter today.  In essence she said: One simple way to change your vibration is to give gratitude every morning to the good things in your life. Kick the year off with a bang by dedicating it to what you want to happen in life, rather than concentrating on what you don’t.  The old year was sent off with a bang… well, the kids had sparklers as fireworks are illegal, and we clinked our glasses to welcome in 2021. The biggest bang I got last night!

Wishing you the very best of health and happiness, love and laughter during the next twelve months.  By the way, this is over 950 words.  Just saying!

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