Times are changing … for better or worse

Times are changing … for better or worse

Change happens all around us, and more often than we initially realise.  At the root of all growth we will find change … apparently.  Some people embrace change; I can’t truthfully say I fall into that category, though I’m certainly not as bad as some who resist it with such commitment and believe their dedication to the cause is their prime reason for being.

Change, and some of the circumstances that initiate it, may be seen as a reason for unfathomable joy.  Discovering you are with child may fall into this category; however, for others that outcome may possibly evoke dismay, discomfort and downright fear!  All I know is that change is unavoidable, as is getting older, and no matter how hard you hit the brakes things are going to evolve even if your head is completely smothered in the sand.  We are at the whim of an unpredictable force; one that appears to have a disturbing sense of humour at times so that the transformations are often chaotic and unintentional.

So, what exactly is change?  I looked it up in my trusty online dictionary, Definitions for Dummies, which informed me it was an act or process where something becomes different through modifications or alterations.    It continued with a simplified version to replace something, or someone, with another thing or person as in substituting, swapping or exchanging for something similar or completely different.  Now I understand what change is, and it appears that, inadmissibly, I have welcomed it myself.  And by using the term, welcomed, I’m attempting to be positive rather than the cynical individual I usually am.  Most of you may have already twigged as to what I am referring … I have, after all, been in several long-term relationships as well as traipsing down the aisle on a couple of occasions!  Say NO more … and that can be taken in many ways.  (cheeky grin happening here!)

More often than not I am OCD about change; that is, Obsessively Change Defective!  I have repetitive and unwanted obsessions with an often irrational or excessive urge or compulsion to resist it.  And it appears as if at least one of the fruits of my loins carries that DNA as well.

When we no longer resist the inevitable and regard it, instead, as an opportunity for growth we can become masters of our own destinies.  We can internalise our power and manifest all that is affirmative in our existence.  No, I didn’t write that shite; I found that in some of my reading.  Let’s shove that down the throats of those living in the countries still ravaged by Covid-19, as lock-downs are happening again after a brief taste of freedom.  Tell them to think constructively about their personal situation, as they home-school their offspring while desperately trying to work to keep their businesses afloat.  Tell them that optimism, enthusiasm and flexibility is the way of the future as they climb the rapidly diminishing walls that once seemed an enormous home when regular cleaning was requiring.  Tell them that by re-evaluating their plans and goals they can adapt their ambition to the circumstances, and even capitalise on these changes.  Tell them that there is nothing to be gained by dwelling on what was, or what might have been in the previous mode.  Tell them that although change may have some pitfalls and speed-bumps along its road, by willingly becoming proactive they will be physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually transformed.  Tell them to look for the hidden blessings amidst the chaos, obstacles and disorder their life has evolved into. 

And if you hadn’t had your face forced down the toilet bowl while it had been continually flushed, then you were probably talking to someone who either had their hearing aids turned off or who usually communicated with sign language.  Personally, I would have been responding with my own Politically Incorrect mode of sign very early in the piece.  But then that’s me, too old to care … sorry, that’s wrong, I just don’t care.  Or I care as much as I care for change.

So, what don’t I want to change?  Lots of things, but top of my list is my grandkids.  I want them to stay the age they are now … sweet and innocent.  The stage where they still believe in Father Christmas and the Easter Bunny.  Who believe it is the tooth fairy who takes their teeth away, leaving a gold coin to replace it, rather than the parents desperately scrambling around for coinage in time where debit and credit cards are almost solely used in transactions.  I selfishly want them to still enjoy coming to stay with Grannie, rather than seeing it as an obligation and I want, nay need, to feel them cuddling up to me, looking up at me with the love they genuinely feel before they realise I really am just a silly, old fool.

That’s why I don’t embrace change … it means I will be getting older and I seriously don’t want that to happen!  Remember … It’s all about ME!

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