The full moon is calling …

The full moon is calling …

I know the full moon peaked last Friday, three whole days ago; however, I’m just coming out of its grip.  This moon was a doozy, so I’m already preparing for the next one – due on Halloween!  I’m pretty sure I’ll need to up my ‘happy pills’ to a double dose!

Life has been exceptionally busy these last three months.  Work has been full-on; enjoyable but hectic, with getting my assignment completed for the validation process to begin.  That is a whole different barrel of fish, and slippery as hell.  Another story for another time.

On top of that, we’ve been going through some potential health issues with the P-i-C; thankfully, not serious, but it has caused lots of stress while we’ve waited for results of tests.  The sleep study report took about a month; that was thirty nights where sleep didn’t come easily and when it did, the dreams that permeated it did not induce either restfulness or sanity.  Well, as sane as I can be at any given time!  P-i-C, as usual, slept peacefully on.

The issue is probably caused, in the most part, by sleep apnoea. The snore, generally, I could put up with.  It was nothing a dig by a knobbly elbow couldn’t fix; it’s purpose to get him to turn on his side rather than sleep on his back.  The worst part was the body jerks that accompanied his snoring.  Sometimes it was like trying to sleep in a washing machine, on the fast spin cycle.  I wanted him to wear his Fitbit to bed, to see how far he ‘walked’ under the bedclothes.  I thought Missy, our loveable pooch, moved when she was chasing rabbits in her sleep; however, P-i-C would beat her every time!  Thank goodness for a fitted bottom sheet on the mattress; the top covers were usually in a jumbled mass by daybreak, and regularly all on his side of the bed.  So, I generally woke cold as well as sleep-deprived, which meant only one thing – a very grumpy person which even a good, brewed coffee was unable to pacify.

Add this to the pull of the moon and this Libran was in no way, shape or form a balanced scale. Quite the opposite in fact; I was more the bi-polar gauge, swinging up and down like some demented side-show horror ride.  I was the thing nightmares were made of; my own living nightmare and I was unable to control, for the most part, the snarling, gloomy and pessimistic person that had invaded my soul.  My balloon had burst, my effervescence gone and my willingness to appear, even remotely, a nice person had faded into a fog of I don’t give a Flying Unicorns Crafting Kilts!

Come the new moon and I have usually returned to the happy, upbeat, friendly person I profess to be! Well … more the sarcastic, funny BIACH rather than the devilish dragon, but you get my point.

I wonder why some people are more affected by the wanning or waxing of the moon going through its cycle than others.  It has been well documented that there is a spike in the reporting of domestic violence, or just violence in general, and people presenting to hospitals in the midst of some form of mental health episode.  Is it some form of dark magic that happens when the moon is at its brightest?  Or maybe it is something to do with the magnetic pull that controls the tides, causing emotions to surge along with the waves. 

Whatever it is, it needs to relinquish its hold on me; for the sake of others more so than myself.  It’s difficult to hide away, like a vampire during the day, for three or four days a month.  Even if I would love for that to be the case, it would just not always be practical.  A part of me would love to take to my bed for that time, hunker down with loads of ‘proper’ coffee, an unlimited supply of chocolate and other sweet treats, and a couple of really good books I’ve been wanting to read.  I could deal with that, and would emerge on the other side a little fatter and with an adolescent state of acne, but a lot nicer, like a cat who got the cream.

I propose that, if we have to go into lockdown for something like COVID-19, we should also be offered the chance for isolation due to the full moon, AKA Bitch Syndrome.  Personally, I think it should be considered as a public service, a duty to protect friends and family.  The other option to be deliberated would be to lock the moon-affected person in with their foes and see who comes out alive. 

I’m making my list already …

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