In this … Together!

In this … Together!

Will I be sorry to never again hear the phrase, “We’re all in this together”, once the COVID19 pandemic is over?  Absolutely NO WAY!  I know it’s world-wide; it’s there to jolly us along, and build support and positive vibes, but to me it’s like finger nails slowly being dragged down a chalk board.  I shudder every time I hear it; especially when the politicians spruik it in their daily diatribes under the banner of Breaking News.  The only thing I want to break is the front door, and get out and about more than just the quick weekly grocery shopping.  I want to hug someone, and never let go.  And I don’t mean my P-i-C either; he’s had his quota for the next decade!  And I definitely, and I’m not being melodramatic here, need my beautician to re-open.  My fingernails are short, stubby and breaking, and are lonely without their acrylic and gel cover.  Worse still, I have short hair on my head and long hair everywhere else … and I do mean EVERYWHERE!  As we have hairdressers open in Western Australia, I thought they would do a shampoo, cut and blow dry on my legs and bikini area.  But they weren’t going there, not even with me waving my credit card about like I was Lady Muck of the Chookhouse!

And truthfully, are we really ‘all in this together?’  I think not!  For some of us it is like being on the Titanic … and we all know how well that ended for a lot of people.  For others it is less dramatic, but still like haemorrhoids, painful and uncomfortable but not necessarily life-threatening.  It is rather like Bathurst 1000 and we’re on lap 56; going around the same track … ad infinitum.  Same shite, different day!  Fortunately, my experience is more the latter, and I really can’t complain … but I will!

The one thing I really enjoy, I must say, is the Auslan interpreter on the TV presentation who assists the WA politicians giving the daily COVID rundown.  She is so expressive I’m waiting for her to dive into a song and dance routine.  I get lost in watching her, and trying to figure out what she is ‘saying’, that I don’t in fact hear what is actually being said.  Mostly because it is, in about Week 1,000 (or so it feels), just Blah, Blah, Blah ….  I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but I look forward to hearing the other news stories about road rage and police chases, and even about the impending recession with all its doom and gloom, just to get a bit of light entertainment in the hourly news segment.  Unfortunately, if there is an actual good news story, they play it to death!  Sorry Captain Tom, and Happy 100th Birthday and all that; I loved your story the first ten times I heard it … but then, not so much.  It became like an earworm in my head for the next week or so.  Talk about 15 minutes of fame!  (I really do like him, and it was an amazing amount of money he raised for the NHS, so I’m not taking that away from him.  Just saying, before I get carted off to be shot at dawn for being a heretic!)

And there are some other amazing people doing wonderful things for others; really living the spirit of ‘we’re all in this together’, but there are also a hell of a lot of useless twats who think this is a holiday in which they can do what they like.  And, to me, they seem to be the ones at the front of the queue at Centrelink, receiving the benefits when there are so many others, more deserving, who are missing out.  They are also the ones who gather in groups of more than two, who refuse to stay indoors, who have absolutely no idea of social distancing and who are the ones who complain, loudly, about how hard life is treating them.  They also seem to be the ones immune to the virus, when you just wish they would be the ones on the respirators in the ICU.  But then, why have the doctors and nurses waste all our medical resources on them!  Wow … is that too harsh?  I think I may have what is described as ‘cabin fever’, or is it just that I’m actually saying what lots of others think?  How’s that to prod the brain cells into thinking about a recourse?  Especially on  Sunday, a day of rest!

However you are coping in this unprecedented time of our planet’s history, I hope you believe there is light at the end of the tunnel, that there will be a ‘new normal’ and that ‘we are all in this … together’!  Big Sigh …

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