I so … (e)lation

I so … (e)lation

Some people are finding it incredibly difficult in these times of self-isolation, or lockdown, depending in which country you live.  They feel imprisoned.  They feel as if the four walls are closing in on them.  They feel alone, even if there are others in the home with them.

Others, myself included, are relishing this time.  We take great delight in wearing pyjamas all day, lounging around reading or listening to music or watching tv and binge-watching series on Netflix.  The more active of us are using this time more wisely to get done those jobs we have been putting off, quite possibly for years.  This is because there has usually been something else, far more exciting and usually away from the home, to do.  Charity shops world-wide are going to be the lucky recipients of tons and tons of clothing, household items and sporting equipment that has been hidden away in the back of wardrobes and closets, cupboards, storage sheds and garages for the lifetime of the household occupants.  And if it is anything like my cleanout, many of the items are new, never worn or used!  Note to self:  stop watching the shopping channels!

Others are using the time to catch up on the DIY projects around the house that have been pushed to the bottom of the “To Do” lists.  Being locked inside means many husbands are faced with both the wife and the cupboard door that has been hanging, swinging like a drunk, for at least a year.  Now they have no excuse but to fix it; especially when both the local hardware and the larger DIY chain stores are offering free delivery service on all the items required; plus instruction sheets on “How To Fix …”  Sorry fellas, you’re not going to get out of it this time!

P-i-C and I did the lazy bit for a while before realising we couldn’t keep up that pace for ever!  We thought we’d do a stock-take of the food we had in the fridge/freezer and pantry, giving them a clean-out in the process.  That was an interesting exercise in itself!  We’ve been in our present home just over eighteen months yet we had jars of spices (which I rarely ever use) and other condiments with use by dates over half a decade old!  Not to mention five (yes five) family size tins of baked beans and another five of tinned corn.  What the …?  And we have enough meat in the freezer to feed a large family for the rest of this month, and quite possibly next month as well.  I can’t remember buying half of it so just hope, as it’s frozen, it will be ok when we finally defrost it for cooking!  Even though we didn’t join in the panic buying frenzy, it looks an awful lot as if we did!

Next was the filing.  You know that awful home-office job of sorting out the receipts, mainly for the purpose of taxation requirements.  Though the bank statements make interesting reading in their own right.  Do I really buy a take-out coffee most days?  It’s safe to say that filing probably hadn’t been done for at least nine months, if the dates on the receipts were anything to go by.  And P-i-C tends to throw lots of things into the filing tray; things he doesn’t know where else to put when he’s doing a tidy up of his office.  So, it was like a jumble sale; lots of old, broken and useless things amongst the pile.  It’s safe to say that wasn’t our favourite isolation activity, quickly becoming the “Blame-Game”, and we decided he needed to go for a walk after we’d finished. Thank goodness we’re still allowed to exercise!  I live for those times he goes for his PT sessions twice a week, and takes the dog to the park for a run twice a day.  And no doubt they are his favourite times as well!

Now P-i-C is a competent man, except when it comes to home DIY.  Before retirement he worked long hours so free time was at a premium, therefore he paid for home maintenance to be done.  Now is not the time for him to learn these skills, necessary as they may be.  I doubt if either of us have the patience for that.  And, although I’m quite proficient in doing many things around the house, the use of power tools (except the one women keep in one of their drawers next to the bed!) is just not one of them; it will continue to be a job that is outsourced.  So, I’ve taken on the task of the inside painting, including gloss work to doors and frames, while pointing P-i-C in the direction of the back Super 6 fence.  I’m sure he can’t do too much damage out there.  Or, at least, something that can’t be fixed up … or covered up with a discretely hung piece of wall art!

And we’re only in week 3!  Fortunately, Western Australia seems, so far, to have avoided the major Covid-19 catastrophes other countries have had to endure, and many of the restrictions in place are likely to be lifted in the near future.  As much as I love the man, and he loves me, it will be a wonderful moment when we can spend some quality time with other people.  There is light at the end of this Covid-19 tunnel!

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