The New Year Resolutions

The New Year Resolutions

At this stage of the new year, and the new decade, I have absolutely no idea what the day is, and absolutely no idea what the time is. And I have absolutely no care to know. I’m floating somewhere on the Indian Ocean, heading towards home, on a sixteen day cruise over Christmas and New Year. My resolution … to do more cruises, particularly each Christmas, to get away from all the hype and stress of the Silly Season! And we’ve done just that. Isn’t it great they promote future cruises onboard! Who would have thought it would be such a wonderful advertising market? Clearly about fifty percent of us, according to the number of us Who’ve already booked at least one other cruise. Next Christmas and New Year P-i-C and I will be sailing around the islands of our neighbour, New Zealand.

I love my family, and we had time to celebrate together before embarkation. And I’d love for them to be able to join us one year, as long as they’re on another deck, and we don’t spend all our time together. I’m sure I’m speaking for them too, that we’re better together in smaller doses! Or, at least they think I am!

And it appears lots of people in their autumnal years, and even some in their winter ones, have decided to do exactly the same. Many have left their families home too. There is about twenty-five percent of the passengers, however, under forty. And, unfortunately, they’ve brought along their kids. Obviously no one wanted to have them for Christmas, no matter how beautifully they wrapped them! Thankfully, there is a separate sanctuary for adults only. It does need to be, at least, twice as large to cater for those of us who are desperately trying to get away from the pubescent adolescents, with their raging hormones and puerile attitude.

Those of us in the sixty plus age range have had enough of their rude and obnoxious behaviours when we thought we were on board for a pleasant sojourn. And, as is typical with a lot of teenagers in today’s society, they have little respect for those in authority; not listening to their requests to quieten down, or move on. However, it’s never good to cross menopausal women, and men who’ve fought for their country. Well done to those who, en masse, complained at the Passenger Services desk. Strike one for Senior Power!

I don’t totally blame the kids themselves. They’re a product of their parents, and I have seen them in action too. Most, I now know, spend the day in the designated smoking area which, unfortunately, happens to be in very close proximity to a bar. Say no more! And I’ve witnessed how the adults speak to the bar staff and waitresses. What chance do their kids have? Monkey see, monkey do!

Yes, I could be considered, by many, as just being a sarcastic and caustic old fart. And I probably am. Which is great, as that’s another of my resolutions. To not give a rats’ arse about what other’s think, and to sharpen my tongue on any subject I wish. Oh, wait … I think I achieved that last year, and the year before that. Well, practice make perfect! Once an overachiever, always an overachiever!

So, it looks as if I need to put my brain into gear again, and think of another resolution. And that’s a difficult task. Getting the brain cells to fire again; being on holiday means they are as well, especially on a cruise where everything is done for you. I could lose weight, but, I think that resolution has been on the list every year since I was sixteen. It’s never been achieved, so best to put that one out to pasture. I could join a gym, but we all know that one goes hand in hand with losing weight, so we won’t even pretend it will ever be ticked off. I could listen more, and talk less. Stop laughing … I could get laryngitis, for a whole twelve months!

A brainwave, or at least for me. It certainly won’t be the solution to the world’s climate change problems but, for me, it’s huge. My resolution for this year, and for future years, is not to have a resolution at all. Life is a gift, and we should live in the present. That’s my 2020 vision!

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