Christmas Spirit … How Much is Too Much

Christmas Spirit … How Much is Too Much

Two Prosecco … apparently! My fault, as I’m allergic to alcohol, and have been for many years. I’ve found, however, that lately I‘m more tolerant and can have a sneaky drinkies occasionally. Usually it’s a small Baileys with lots of milk, and sipped over a good period of time. This time, as P-i-C and I are on a Christmas-New Year cruise, I thought I’d be adventurous! My Bad, as the young ones say.

Usually the alcohol goes straight to my head and instantly I feel like I’m very drunk. I’m an incredibly cheap drunk … not even a two-pot screamer, more like two sips! This time, while having Christmas lunch, I sipped away and felt no ill effects. Excellent! In the evening we went to the Christmas Show. P-i-C was ordering a drink and I thought, as it’s Christmas I’d do the same. Another Prosecco. It went down like liquid gold as we sang and clapped along to the old favourite Chrissy carols. With each sip I think I became louder, though not necessarily more in tune! Fortunately, P-i-C didn’t have his ears on (hearing aids), and he was on his second drink as well. I waved my hands about and danced in my seat. I was having a fabulous time. I was just fabulous all over. Glowing like Rudolph’s nose on Christmas Eve. The swaying when we walked back to our cabin I put down to the ship rolling with the waves, even though the sea was like a mill-pond.

The euphoria lasted until I opened my eyes on Boxing Day … and immediately closed them. I didn’t feel sick, and I didn’t have a headache. That was about the only part of me that didn’t ache. The rest of my body was like I’d sparred with Muhammad Ali, in his prime. It was all I could do to go to the loo. I told P-i-C to go to breakfast without me … that’s very unusual in itself. When I refused to get out of bed for lunch, he became more worried and insisted I’d feel better after I ate. He lied; I know why he isn’t a doctor! Back to bed again as I had no energy and no enthusiasm for anything except lying on our beautifully soft and comfortable bed. P-i-C thought he’d keep he company. I was low on Christmas Spirit of the other kind and told him where he could go … literally. Anywhere but in our cabin. With his tail between his legs he left, muttering about how Missy (our beloved pooch) wouldn’t treat him so harshly! I think he’ll probably take her on the next holiday and leave me at home!

Otherwise, Christmas Spirit was everywhere, and in copious amounts it seemed. When I finally surfaced, the rest of the cruisers seemed to be both merry and bright! I laughed as I knew they would feel the next morning how I felt that morning. That perked me up somewhat.

Then it occurred to me why I continued to feel so lethargic and heavy. We are required to wash our hands before entering the dining room, and I fully endorse that, and certainly comply. Then we’re requested to use the hand sanitiser each and every time we go into the food serving area. Usually that would be at least three times each meal. I mean, you just have to try everything! You can’t offend the chefs. The sanitiser is also everywhere around the ship. And I would use it … you just never know the hygiene standards of others! When I seemed to get worse instead of better, I asked to check the contents of the sanitiser … 70% alcohol. It’s a wonder no one has been trying to drink it, but I have noticed some of the younger kids smelling it! I bet they sniff the glue and Artline pens at school too! I think it’s a conspiracy by the Cruise company to keep everyone on a high so they buy more alcohol. A very good ploy as that’s where they make their money. And it keeps the cruisers cheerful.

So Christmas Spirit comes in many forms, both direct and passive. I’m just immensely happy P-i-C and I don’t have to worry about buying, preparing or cooking our meals, making our bed or cleaning our bedroom and bathroom, going out for entertainment as we have nightly shows, the latest movies on a large outdoor screen while we lounge back and are supplied popcorn, a variety of musical soirées depending on our mood, and multiple bars to go to for fun and frivolity. So I’m full of the good Christmas Spirit now, of the non-alcoholic variety. And you can’t get too much of that!

Wishing you all the very best for New Year, and may 2020 be a year of great vision!

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