Cruisin’ Along …

Cruisin’ Along …

I’m a mere baby, and a late bloomer, when it comes to adopting the cruising life. I always thought it was for ‘older’ people but, in most cases and on most cruise lines, I was wrong … so very wrong. A cruise would have to be one of the greatest holidays ever, and I’m hooked. We’ve done three in the past year, and have another two booked in the next six months. I’m one very happy lady!

One of the things I love most about cruising is that, once you’re aboard and unpacked, that is how it stays for the rest of the holiday. Yet you get to see so many places, without having to unpack and repack, spend half your holiday at airports or bus and train stations, carting your luggage around like some poor donkey in Greece, in order to get to so many different destinations. On a cruise, you wake up in the morning as the ship is pulling into another port, and all you have to take off when you go out for your daily adventure is your ship card, your wallet, and maybe some sunscreen and a towel, depending on where you are cruising and what you are doing! Or, you can stay onboard, lying around one of the pools, relaxing in one of the hot spas, reading, or participating in one of the extensive range of onboard activities – quizzes, arts and crafts, movies, and the like. Not to mention the evening cultural experience in the theatre, where you have a range of comedians, singers, dancers and acrobats to entertain you. That’s the life! And it’s all included!

The second thing I really adore about cruising is, generally, all meals are provided. And I mean ALL meals … breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and even a supper. Coffee, tea and other drinks are usually available 24/7. You certainly don’t starve; totally the opposite! They’re not called ‘5 kilo cruises’ for nothing! And my bathroom scales can verify that!

We’re not talking school or work canteen food either. We’re talking 5 star meals, with a huge variety. One night you can do Italian, the next Indian. Maybe Mexican or Thai are more for your palate … no problem, that is served too. And there is plenty of it. More than enough to feed the number of guests three times over, at the very least. It is fresh, it is tasty, and best of all … I haven’t had to cook it. If you don’t want to eat with the general population in what we have lovingly nicknamed ‘the trough’, there are always other restaurants; some you pay for and others, depending on the Cruise Line, you don’t. There is DEFINITELY something for even the most picky eater. AND, no clearing away or washing up … BONUS!

The third thing I enjoy is having my room cleaned, and the bed made, at least once a day. The beautiful cabin staff will clean up again in the evening when they come in to turn down your bed, and leave a little chocolate on your pillow. 🙂 I’ve been home for four days now and no one has come to make my bed! Good help is so hard to find. Take note: P-i-C!

Everything is organised for you, you just need to show up. Before your voyage you are sent a range of daily activities you can go on. These are at an extra cost, but then they are on any holiday. And there is something for everyone; from high adventure, not my thing, but I know some people are adrenaline junkies, to relaxing pastimes, such as lying on the white sandy beaches in the Caribbean, which is definitely more my style. You have trips into the countryside, to see the locals and their history, and you have shopping tours, for those who like to spend their hard-earned cash at the high-end shops. For those who are ‘foodies’ and partakers of liquids of the alcoholic range, there are plenty of activities for you too. Learn to cook as the locals do, and sample the wines and spirits of that region. Be warned … there may be consequences to pay! Too much sampling of either or both may mean you’re ‘over-hung’ or in desperate need of Eno and other types of antacids. P-i-C usually blames it on the sun and fresh air; we know the real reason!

Therefore, don’t leave booking a cruise until you’re retired, or too old to really enjoy the benefits. Now is the time to get onboard, literally and metaphorically. There are so many cruises, and so little time; it’s best you start your voyages now. Life it way too short to be able to sail all of the seven seas in style. Life may begin at 60, cruising doesn’t!

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