There’s no place like HOME

There’s no place like HOME

My P-i-C and I love travelling. We’ve been fortunate enough to have done quite a lot, together and separately, and hope this continues for many years to come. We already have another three trips booked, and a bucket list of others places where we’d like to go; this is being added to constantly. At this stage we’ll need to do four trips a year until we’re old enough to receive birthday wishes from the reigning monarch (assuming we’re still in the Commonwealth!)

I’d just love to have a suitcase already packed and ready to go; or at the very least, someone willing to come in and choose my clothes and do the packing for me. Though, in thinking more about that, it is packing the case at the end of the holiday that’s worse. I mean, where do you put all the dirty clothes, and keep them away from the clean ones? And why is it so much more difficult, even if you haven’t bought anything on the holiday, to fit it all back in.

We’ve had a great holiday. Who wouldn’t enjoy an 11 night cruise of the Caribbean? I suppose someone who suffers from chronic sea sickness would probably put up his/her hand, and I can understand that. I certainly wouldn’t book a mountain trek, or a bike ride through South America or, in fact, any holiday that says ‘for adventure lovers’! We’ve also enjoyed a couple of days in Miami, and three days in beautiful, downtown San Francisco. Now it’s time to go home … and we’re very, very happy! We’re ready to go home, and be reunited with our dog, Missy … oh, and the kids and grandkids!

So, while we were busy trying to pack; or at least I was, while P-i-C was being more of a hindrance than any help, we both, simultaneously, received a text from our airline notifying us that our flight from SF to Sydney had been cancelled. Not what we expected, or even hoped for! Apparently they’re doing their best to make alternative plans for us, bless their little hearts, but it may take some time. They’ve sent another text letting us know this is taking longer than expected, however they will notify us of details BEFORE our flight. Thank goodness for that! One would hate to received this important information AFTERWARDS! I sent an email to our travel agent, and he replied it was the first he’d heard about it, but would follow it up. He did mention that the airline would organise a hotel, should we need to stay overnight, and reorganise the connecting flight to Perth. Fabulous news! We’d love nothing more than to have to sleep on the chairs at the airport for a while; as if a 14hr flight isn’t enough torture already. Unfortunately I’ve yet to receive a further update from him, and I check every five minutes or so … just to be on the safe side. There’s something terribly unnerving about being thousands of miles from home, and not knowing when you’re going to be able to walk into your own home.

While we wait we are being ‘comforted’ with constant news reports of the bushfires raging out of control to the north of the city. There have been mass evacuations from some towns already. I feel so sorry for those people; it must be terrible to either lose your home in such an awful way, or not know if your home is safe. And added to this is tomorrow’s weather forecast – high winds for about 18 hours. Winds like that yesterday meant ferries were cancelled in the bay, and double-decker tourist buses were stopped from crossing the Golden Gate bridge, so I can only presume either the fire or the winds, or maybe even both, may be what is causing our flight’s cancellation.

All we can do is wait, but I’m not very good at that when I’m not given the reason. And we’re ready to go home, we want to go home, we need to go home. I’m almost looking forward to the great pile of washing which will need to be done once the suitcases are unpacked, and the shopping we have to do to put food in the fridge and pantry. And I’m even looking forward to getting back to the routine of work, in some strange way.

So, fingers crossed we find out details in the near future, and another flight is allocated as soon as possible. But there’s just been a TV report explaining the need to upgrade to RED for high winds and poor air quality, due to ash or smoke, so I think we may be sitting tight for a while. It looks like here will continue to be home, for at least another day. C’est la vie!

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