Seven ‘Wonders’ of the Modern World

Seven ‘Wonders’ of the Modern World

These are in no particular order, and are just my personal observations.  Though at the time of the Full Moon, the New Moon, the Waning Moon, and the Waxing Moon each month, they become more like my obsessions.  My disdain is getting worse the older I get, and I seem to carry my soapbox with me everywhere I go!  So pretty much they annoy me, every day.

  1. Using car indicators:  I’m sure it’s not just me, but I’m astounded by the number of people who now think indicators are an optional extra!  Apparently, we all have the power of reading minds and should know in which direction a car is going to turn.  Or even more so, when it is going to change lanes on the freeway, at one hundred kilometers per hour, to get from the far-right lane over three other lanes to the far-left lane to take a freeway exit.  That’s a real hoot watching them weave in front of you, as you desperately plant your foot on the brake, hoping the idiot tailgating you is as quick with his reflexes!
  2. Separating rubbish into general and recyclable waste:  Or actually just putting rubbish in a bin!  I’d love to blame the younger generation; however, they seem better educated about the effect of rubbish on the environment than most of the older generations.  Once again, I’m perplexed how someone can be so close to a bin, yet be seemly incapable of actually put their rubbish in the receptacle.  Is it just laziness, or an ‘I-don’t-give-a-shit’ factor?  If we can’t do this, how are we ever going to achieve the correct use of the green and yellow lidded bins?  Not to mention the current roll-out of the new red lidded bin.  I suppose if most people have trouble with the traffic lights, and walk on the red light, they’re going to have difficulty with the bins too.  And don’t blame it on colour-blindness.  
  3. Saying “NO” to your children:  When did parents start to feel guilty about needing to work to provide for their families, and overcompensate by ‘buying’ their child’s love and respect with McDonalds, the latest must-have toy, the trendiest of designer clothes and footwear, all the while accepting their rudeness and demands?  I think we need to take back control of the household and start to ‘adult’ again.  Grannies, although not accepting attitude, are allowed to spoil their grandies!  I’m sure there’s a rule that says “Anything goes at Grannie’s house”!
  4. Using manners; at home, and away:  Another optional extra in today’s society appears to be manners.  I didn’t seem to get the memo that told everyone ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ were no longer required.  Or that it was ok to let the door shut on someone walking in behind you.  Or that you didn’t need to offer your seat on public transport or anywhere there is a shortage of seats, to either a woman or someone older than yourself.  Not to mention that swearing in public, loudly or otherwise, mainly using the F-bomb or the See You Next Tuesday words, is not only impolite but offensive to many of us, primarily when it is aimed at those to whom you should be showing respect.
  5. Turning the television and other electronics off:  Mobiles are a great invention, especially when they are used as phones, unless you are in a restaurant, at the checkout or talking so loudly people half a kilometer away can hear your conversation.  Television and electronic games are entertaining, especially after a hard day.  However, I’m not sure they need to be on during mealtimes, nor take the place of family conversations and social interaction.  Call me old-fashioned, but I still believe in the power of communication, preferably face to face, as the best form of personal interaction with others.
  6. Walking instead of driving:  Apparently, lots of (supposedly) young and healthy children nowadays have problems with their legs.  They do not seem to be able to use them for walking much further than the lounge room from their bedroom.  They require lifts to and from school, their friends’ homes or to the shops, even when these places are just around the corner.  I understand safety is an issue; however, I’ve witnessed children flatly refusing to walk, being carried into school, and even demanding their parents carry their school bags.  And, once again, the parents have capitulated.  Turn off the TV and unplug the video games, take away the iPads and tablets, and introduce them to the world outside the front door, or even the back door for that matter!  Build up their muscles with exercise, get fresh air and Vitamin D into their systems, and you may find you have a totally new and more beautifully behaved child. I’ll put my money on it!
  7. Not admitting when you’re wrong:  Not pointing the finger, as I know most of us do this at some stage; however, I believe the male generation is particularly good at this. I think it has something to do with ‘losing face’ and that blaming the female of the species is easier.    As Elton John so eloquently sang, Sorry seems to be the hardest word, therefore let’s not use it.  Along with please and thank you, it seems to have disappeared from the vocabulary of many.  It’s a difficult skill to learn when the reverse is demonstrated daily, by many of our politicians and sportspeople, who appear unable to accept the blame for their failings.  I’m sure you’re mentally listing them as you read this.

So, what does the future hold for the next generations?  Obviously, there will be fewer of us ‘baby boomers’ sprouting our discontent with the Millennials (aka MTV Generation, or Gen Y), Gen Z and the current Generation Alpha.   Will they ever know the fun and freedom we had growing up in the 60s and 70s.  Probably not, (big sigh).  I’m eternally grateful I was born when I was … and have so much fodder for my writing!  Bitter and twisted … NO, just sixty and sassy, and aging disgracefully!!

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