Sorry … :(

Sorry … :(

It has come to my attention, while reading a copy of my ebook I downloaded (yes, bought myself a copy!), that the production is not as I received it from the company who formatted it for me. I have notified them and am hoping the problem can be rectified.

I have also been told there are a few other mistakes, generally spelling, which is very upsetting as I paid for the manuscript to be professionally edited. Unfortunately there is little I can do about that at this stage. I will be reducing the price of the book.

The whole publishing scenario has been one huge learning curve and I hope I will have the upper hand with my second book, A Lily in the Valley, when it is published early next year. Suffice to say I will be using a different company for the editing and formatting.

Once again, I sincerely apologise, however hope you still enjoy the story and take the characters into your hearts.

Smiles, Annie xx

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