There’s no day like a Friday

There’s no day like a Friday

Today I thought I’d just randomly write … just because I can. And it’s Friday! I love Fridays. Well, most people who work nine to five on weekdays look forward to Fridays. We tend to slide into them.

Mondays we seem to feel like we have a hangover. Some of us may have one caused by an over-consumption of alcohol, and therefore it is a double whammy. Others, like me, have it because we have to get up earlier, then decide what to wear that is appropriate for the situation and drag ourselves through the morning routine until we get out the door and off to work. It is rather like being hit in the face with a bucket of iced water, and the day is like sitting around in those wet clothes for eight hours.

Tuesdays fare somewhat better. The alarm going off is still a heart starter, and the chirpy tone selected may really start to become annoying, especially when you can no longer remember how to change it. I usually only remember about it when it goes off near my ear at six o’clock. We are usually a little more in the routine at both home and work, so don’t struggle as much to get out the door on time. Don’t get me wrong, we still count the hours until we can leave work!

Wednesdays are ‘hump’ days, and usually one goes to work knowing that when it is knock off time we are slip-sliding down to the weekend. There is almost a festive air, momentarily, as we register we have made it through half the working week unscathed, and start to think about what we could do on our days off. I’m sure productivity goes down a little as this contemplation takes precedence over actual work. Sometimes I even allow myself a celebratory drink knowing that I have indeed accomplished getting thus far! That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Thursdays see us starting to smile a little. Some of us even hum while we are working, probably because we are doing sneaky-peeks on the internet during work time, looking for things to do on Saturday and Sunday. Being in an office work environment is good for that. And you generally have access to the printer in case, like me, you prefer to print out tickets and vouchers rather than using the scanning code on your mobile phone. I’m sure one day I will be forced to use them, but the techo-illiterate in me is still baulking at this form of technology. On a recent holiday to Europe I had a folder filled with papers for everything we did, and on a couple of occasions it was definitely useful to prove our booking when “the computer said NO”. Sometimes I worry that I am using up precious resources and adding to my carbon footprint (or whatever foot print it is), however I also try to recycle the paper whenever possible. Many shopping lists, notes to others or drawing paper for when the grandkids are around have come from this source.

Then there are Fridays! The day we just manage to clock on before start time. The day when many of us spend more time talking with colleagues, and not about work stuff, walking around the workplace, seemingly looking on task and busy, when we really know we are just waiting until the clock says it’s time to leave. I was always told to carry a folder or bunch of papers, plus a pen, so you APPEAR to be doing something, or if you are with someone else you APPEAR to be discussing a work-related topic. Nodding your head and appearing to ponder something is a good ploy. In reality we know you are probably collecting the football tipping, and bantering about who will take out the championship this year. The younger generation are generally discussing which club they will be going to, and what they will be wearing, and who they are going with. A little ‘bitchy’ trash talk may also float around, recapping on previous weekend’s gossip of ‘who did what’ and the fallout on Twitter and FaceBook!

I love Fridays for two reasons. The first is that I have every second Friday off. Today is not one of those, unfortunately. Still I am managing to do this write up on company time! Many of my colleagues have every Friday off so the office is much quieter, and it tends to have a much more relaxed feeling about it. Those of us who are at work are biding our time until the 3.30pm knock off. Lunch time will usually be a little longer as we sit and chat around the staff room table, trying to stretching out the minutes till the clock hits that all important time. The other reason I love Fridays is because the Friday I am not at work I know I have the day off, and even if I have to get up early for some reason, it has a totally different feeling to the day. I can lie in bed and savour the moment. What a powerful feeling it is. Almost as good as sex! Well ….. Another reason to enjoy Fridays!

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